Drawing – A Caravaggio basket of fruit oil reproduction

A little section of this website for one of my favourite hobbies, the Drawing

I ‘ve liked drawing since I was a child, I’ve made a lot a drawing so far. Today I have decided to post some of them.

Canestra di frutta (Caravaggio)

These drawings are studies for a painting I am working on. The original painting is

Basket of Fruit (Caravaggio)

Basket of Fruit (Caravaggio)

Sketch of Caravaggio’s “Basket of Fruit”

cara002cara003 This picture shows the original sizes of the drawings

cara_d_1And here are the painting I’m working on

Stage 1

Day 1: I started from the leaf, Day 2: then I painted the Quince and the Apple. Day 3: next the dark figs. Day 4 and 5: then came the grapes (not so easy). cara_1_1

Stage 2

Day 6 and 7: The basket is a mess (I should have made a drawing of the basket on the canvas).

cara_2_1 At home with Photoshop I checked for errors. cara_err

Stage 3

Day 8: I tried to correct basket’s errors, but after a while I lost myself.


Stage 4

Day 9: Today I paint the peach and the pear, I also made some test on the basket. cara_4_1s cara_4_4s cara_4_2s cara_4_3s Day 10: I complete the pear and peach, and add leafs. cara_4_as cara_4_bs Day 11: add light figs and dark leafs. cara_4_is cara_4_iis cara_4_iiisDay 12: added grapes. cara_4_11s This is a small gif animation. cara_ani
 Testing the basket DSCN0229_1



Now the basket on the originalDSCN0217_1  DSCN0222_1   DSCN0246_1  DSCN0248_1 Painting the background DSCN0261_2
DSCN0264_1  DSCN0371_1_1  DSCN0567_1  DSCN0577_1  DSCN0580_1  DSCN0596_1 Finally on the wall DSCN0597_1