ImageZone – What’s Next

ImageZone - What's Next

ImageZone – What’s Next

ImageZone was fully reviewed by Mozilla Amo editors (to whom go my thanks) and now it is possible to download and install it (here).
I’m still working on it, to add new features. The main one is HTML Scraping.

ImageZone – HTML Scrap

Each ImageZone image entry store some image information, like url, page and link. It is also possible to add comments and tags using the Image property Panel (click on the image text).
With HTML it is possible to store fragments of html into an image entry. The Property Panel is now show on the left side of the firefox main window, and will remain. To scrap HTML, just select some html and drag it over the image, or into the Scrap panel.

Scrap Fragments, stores: date, html page title, page url, html fragment.
Scraps Fragments, can be copied and removed. Also is it possible to go back to the original fragment page.
Here there is a small video which shows how it will work.
Comments and suggestions will be appreciated.