ImageZone is a image manager Firefox addon

ImageZone a Firefox Image Gallery

ImageZone is a firefox extension to Manage image galleries. How it works? is quit simple, just drag an image, imageZone will appear on the bottom of your firefox window. Doesn’t happen? try to install it.

Drag an image into ImageZone…

And the Image will be added to your gallery

The ImageZone Panel

The ImageZone panel looks like.

To edit the gallery, just click on the title on the top left of the panel. A dialog will appear, and you can add tag, change title and add comment. The tag separator is a comma. Images editing work in the same way. You could also change links clicking on “more” on the top right of the dialog.

The gallery, shows the image preview, the title and the image tags, by clicking on the image, a menu appear. You can use this menu to see the image in the browser, to go in the original page or to the image link.

The ImageZone Toolbar

If you move the mouse on the top of the panel, the toolbar appear.

With the toolbar you can:

  • Close the toolbar
  • Create a new Gallery
  • Show the info panel
  • Delete the current gallery
  • Manage Galleries
  • Manage Tags
  • Hide ImageZone and setup it
  • Navigate through galleries

ou can also use the toolbar to manage images. Just drag and drop an image into the trash to remove it. Drag an image into a gallery to move or copy (press ctrl) the image. Drag the image into a tag menu item to associate it.

Using the gallery menu, you can create a new gallery or just play it. You can also save all images into a folder. Furthermore you can share galleries.

If you want to share a gallery, just click on “Generate publish code”, the paste the clipboard content into your page. ImageZone will recognize your gallery and show it automatically.
The export menu item, generates and save an html file containing the shared code.


ImageZone can also save gallery images into a folder. ImageZone, for each image, stores the image url, the image link url and the page url. When it saves an image, you can choose which one to save. By default imageZone saves the image url, but you can choose to save the link url instead (be carefull, it’s not sure that it is an image), to do that, go to the settings menu on the toolbar.

Drag options

If you want add similar images from a webpage, use the alt key when you drop an image into ImageZone. ImageZone will add all similar images.

Here you can find some video that shows how ImageZone works.

Hope you will have fun with ImageZone.

See upcoming new features.