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A Google like Web Component library.

Starting from today, I will develop a library of Web Components using Web Fragments (via WebfBug). I will try to extract user interface widgets from the google sites and transform them into Web Components. The usage First of all, I … Continue reading

Web Components Up and Running

Web Components is an upcoming web technology, which allow developer to extend the html. It Is possible now possible to create new html tags. Although they are not yet implemented by browsers, there are differents implementation of it (X-TAG, POLYMER) … Continue reading


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Every Year on June I’m going to paint a new Caravaggio basket of fruit, just see improvements on my technique. some details 2013 version (61cm x 41cm) 2014 version (47cm x 31cm)  


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The Issus Battle Gallery

This site is the home of Webf so I try to use them whenever is possible. ImageZone is built upon Webf. One of the features of ImageZone gallery sharing. To share a gallery, you should use the “Share Options” menu … Continue reading


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Library customization

Web Components are self consistent html code that can be used as a single html new tag type. The final user, just need to import the web component into his pages, and then use it. For example this is a … Continue reading

My Firefox Addons

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A WordPress facebook timeline shortcode

A WordPress facebook timeline shortcode In this days, I’m working on WordPress to build a simple website. Since I’m novice on it, I start to learn how it works. One of the feature I focused on is shortcodes. Shortcodes are … Continue reading


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ImageZone – What’s Next

ImageZone – What’s Next ImageZone was fully reviewed by Mozilla Amo editors (to whom go my thanks) and now it is possible to download and install it (here). I’m still working on it, to add new features. The main one … Continue reading